Jane told me more

Some more pictures of my project “Jane told me, Backs tell Much”. First one is made in Thessaloniki, trying to go back to the city center. Second one is showing my favourites from my living in Bulgaria. 🙂

Let me In

Let me In

Rocket Rascals

Rocket Rascals


Project: “Jane told me, Backs tell Much”

Once I sat on some stairs, next to my french companion, somewhere in Italy. There I saw this woman, the muse and her bike. Somehow I was impressed by this picture, and I started to like making snapshots of people from behind, spontanious, without arrangements. All of this pictures tell a story. Sometimes I know it, sometimes I can just dream, but everytime it’s interesting. And all of this without faces, which is special for me.

In the future I will add more pictures to this project, so stay tuned. 🙂

Asian Borders

Asian Borders

The Muse and her Bike

The Muse and her Bike

Don’t Panic!

But take care anyway! There are strange guys out there! 😮

One of my favourite shots of Lausanne/Switzerland.

DSC_4071 (Copy)


Street photography in Verona, Italy… as long as it’s possible with the new discussion about making photos on the street. :-/

DSC_4748 (Copy)

Rila Lakes

Three of my shots at the Rila Lakes in Bulgaria’s mountains. Oh, “Baskervilly” of my post before is also from there. 🙂

Ride the Lightning

Ride the lightning! And so it is! Riding around the color balance, changing the colors like riding out of the cloud, in wild zick zack till you find the impression which makes you satisfied.

Bulgarian Candy Floss

Bulgarian Candy Floss

Pancakes for Breakfast

Pancakes for Breakfast

Mount Doom

Mount Doom

Hail the misty Green

Hail the misty Green



Bad Luck-Mici

Once some kids in Romania found a dog. We called her Mici. To prepare this dog for a tough life we gave her everything she would need. One day later the dog was gone. The kids think, an educator stole her. Well, let’s hope she is still alive.

DSC_7070 (Copy) DSC_7231 (Copy)

Everything comes together

In contrast to earlier, now everything happens at the same time. Seems to be a busy month this time. To illustrate an e-book about green up your life through changes from everyday life to art, I’ll draw a little lizard which enlightens the reader with interesting facts of recycling, wasted energy, stupid garbage and the new upcycle hype. Here are some of my first thoughts brought to paper, and a colored one. But also this one is just the way to the final version. Because of the final size of the e-book this guy has too much of small details which will be too confusing. Anyway, I like him, so I loaded him up. 🙂

Because I’m curious about my followers I check their sites out. While I was spying one of my new followers blog I realized that I should try to upgrade my digital artworks not just with some shadows, but also with some lights (this has nothing to do with my aaawesome lightbulb joke). Let’s see how I can use this new inspiration. Thanks for this, Grady P. Brown and good luck with your Young Guardians.


New Project

I started a project about drawing all the kids of a specific family type home in Romania. Not realistic, but as characters which fits to their personalities. First one is this dancing superhero:

Silvi-Yo! (Blog)

Greece’ Mainland

… from the perspective of the island Corfu, Corfu City/Kerkyra. I had the pleasure to camp on a beach near the city center with this awesome views.

Con Lupa y Pincel

I had the honor to design the header of a lovely, spanish blog about (very) creative (and special) activities for kids and artists, young at heart.

Take a look! The pictures are mostly self-explanatory, so it’s also exciting for non-spanish speakers:

Con Lupa y Pincel


Friends abroad

A friend of mine lives in Japan for six month, so I thought I combine his glorious person with the one of his neighbor, Totoro. 🙂



Neeew landscapes, just for you… and you… and you…

Hey guys,

I uploaded three new photos. One of them is from my trip in Greece, which you can check out here, if you want.

(Shepherd, Corfu, “Eagle’s Eye”)

Cheers, Barney!

What a day! Specially for our favourite mascot Barney, who secretly hates people but needs the money.

Barney Final k



























(First version was in color, but it was too childish. This look fits better, and specially to Barney’s wallpaper, right?)


Welcome home, Grumshy!

Grumsh Post

Allright, Grumshy. Take place in the header, so you’ll have the perfect overview! 🙂

Unleashed on humanity!

Oh my god, it’s done! It’s online, and it’s a homepage! My platform for my photography and my comic scetches, woohoo! Feel welcome and take a look around and imagine all the wonderful things which can and hopefully will happen here!